I just got the trial

I set up a compare database for two servers, and I had to change and the defaults because I wanted to run a compare before I even thought about synching the databases, since they should be very close. I got the setup going but I’m getting nothing happening.

You should either change the default to compare only or alert users that a synch is the default.

I see this but no movement towards comparing the databases.

[12:36:47] Creating workspace…
[12:36:47] Workspace created successfully.
[12:37:56] Updating workspace…
[12:37:56] Workspace updated successfully.
[12:42:01] Updating workspace…
[12:42:01] Workspace updated successfully.
[12:43:55] Analyzing database objects, please wait…
[12:44:12] Session [New Compare* (1)]: Validating databases…
[12:44:12] Session [New Compare* (1)]: Databases were found valid
[12:44:12] Session [New Compare* (1)]: Starting entity mapping
[12:44:12] Session [New Compare* (1)]: Finished mapping entities

  • The data compare/synchronization is a 3-step process:

    1) Mapping : This is the step that provides access to mappings rules, data keys or where clauses. No comparison happens here, only table/view mapping.
    2) Comparison: This is the step on which the comparison takes place. Again, no synchronization happens here.
    3) Data sync: This is the final step. You must click “Execute” and confirm the synchronization in order for the sync script to run.

    No changes or synchronization will be performed without user consent.

    From the information provided, it looks like you only made it through step one. Once the mapping is complete, either click on the “Compare Data” button on the ribbon (under the “Review Comparison” tab) or click on the “Compare Data” on the right panel of the “Mapped Objects” window to initiate the data comparison operation.

    Once the comparison is complete, you can start the synchronization script creation process. From the right panel, you can click “Generate the script for:”. Clicking on the [server].[database] link which will generates the synchronization script to either change the database on the right to make it the same as the database on the left or the other way around, depending on which of the links you select. At that point, you have only created the script, it has not yet been executed. Once you have had an opportunity to review the script, the final step is to then execute the synchronization script. As mentioned, this will not happen until you initiate the operation.

    I hope this helps but please let us know if you have any other questions.

  • Windy,

    I’m working with Luca Chiaverini in Support. Apparently I can’t see any of the options with my screen resolution set to anything > 100% which I had. But after I rebooted my PC to change the resolution, I still could not see the options such as mapping, etc so I’m waiting for Luca to get back to me. I’m down to two days on my trial and I may need an extension once we get the software working on my PC. As an option, I am thinking of moving it to my Diagnostic Manger PC which should not have the screen resolution issue.