Patch Analyzer offers SQL 2014 CTP1 for SQL 2012

Patch Analyzer shows SQL 2014 CTP1 (11.0.9120) as a Service Pack for SQL 2012. I am guessing this is because the version number starts with 11.

If this version number is actually correct (i.e. Microsoft's mistake), is there any way that the Idera patch Build List can be modified to remove or otherwise change this entry so that it isn't offered to SQL 2012 servers?


  • Although there were no replies posted to this question, I'm guessing that someone from Idera did actually read it: the SQL 2014 CTP1 entry no longer appears in the patch Build List.

    Thanks to whoever!
  • I've just upgraded to the latest version of SQL Admin Toolset ( and I see that this Build List bug has returned. SQL 2014 CTP1 is again being offered as a Service Pack upgrade to SQL 2012.

    Can we please fix this again? Thanks.
  • The build of SQL Admin Toolset may ship with an outdated build list. Try updating the Build List and see if this fixes the problem by clicking the Display Build List link. If you are not sure you have the latest list, click Check for New List. This link downloads the most recent list of releases, service packs, and hotfixes for SQL Server software.

  • I probably should have specified, but yes, that's the first thing I tried. It shows Nov 22 as the most current build list.

    The build list shows CTP1 under SQL 2014, but my 2012 servers still show this as an available update.

    Note that the current patch level (SQL 2012 CU6) is also being shown as available.


  • I have a similar situation, out of frustration I opened the downloaded XML file and noticed that there are two line missing in the file. I added the missing lines and I was able to get the current patch list to show. crazy right. could someone please fix this? i am getting a lot of complaints from my DBAs .
    the lines i added :

    before the first row of the last three build lists respectively:

    <Version Build="" Level="CTP" Supported="No" Status="Pre-Release" UrlType="0" Url="" Title="No KB Available" VersionName="SQL Server 2012" />

    <Version Build="12.0.2000.8" Level="RTM" Supported="Yes" Status="Mainstream Support" UrlType="0" Url="" Title="SQL Server 2014 RTM" VersionName="SQL Server 2014" />

    <Version Build="" Level="Pre-RTM" Supported="No" Status="Retired" UrlType="0" Url="" Title="No KB Available" />
  • Hi,

    Thank you for your feedback. We have been working to make these updates. Please let us know if there are any additional ones.

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