PowerTips Monthly Volume 6: Regular Expressions

Vol. 6 | November 2013 | Regular Expressions |

Get more out of PowerShell with the sixth volume of the PowerShell Monthly reference library, collecting some of the top PowerShell tips in one place and focused on a new task each month. This month, learn valuable tips and tricks about regular expressions.

  • Hi there!

    This is a fantastic PowerTips Monthly Volume, again!

    On page 10 it's also possible to use the "capture group names", this might make the code a little bit more easy to read.

    ---- 8< ----------------------------

    $MatchLink.Matches($html) |

    ForEach-Object {

    $rv = 1 | Select-Object -Property Title, Uri

    $rv.Title = $_.Groups['text'].Value

    $rv.Uri = $_.Groups['link'].Value



    ---- 8< ----------------------------

    Thanks again!


  • I am unable to view the content for this tip - I am new to this forum and have clicked on the title "View PowerTips Monthly Volume 6: Regular Expressions".  This returns to the home page (community.idera.com/.../) - am I doing something wrong?