In the previous tip you learned how you can use Export-CliXml to serialize data and then use Compress-Archive to shrink the huge XML files to only a fraction of original size.

Today, we do the opposite: we take a ZIP file that contains XML serialization data, and restore (“rehydrate”) the serialized objects. This of course assumes you created such a file with yesterday’s tip.

# path to existing ZIP file
$ZipPath = "$env:TEMP\"

# by convention, XML file inside the ZIP file has the same name
$Path = [IO.Path]::ChangeExtension($ZipPath, ".xml")

# expand ZIP file
Expand-Archive -Path $ZipPath -DestinationPath $env:temp -Force

# deserialize objects
$objects = Import-Clixml -Path $Path 

# remove XML file again
Remove-Item -Path $Path -Recurse -Force

$objects | Out-GridView

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