In a previous tip we introduced Import-LocalizedData to read in data stored in a .psd1 file.

Starting in PowerShell 5, there is a new cmdlet named Import-PowerShellDataFile. You can use it to safely read data from a .psd1 file. Like Import-LocalizedData, this cmdlet accepts only .psd1 files with no active content (no commands or variables).

Here is the script you need:

$path = "$PSScriptRoot\data.psd1"
$infos = Import-PowerShellDataFile -Path $path

Store the data file in the same folder, name it data.psd1, and assign this content:

  Name = 'Tobias'
  ID = 12
  Path = 'c:\Windows'

When you run the script, it returns the data from the .psd1 file as a hash table.

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