How to Format in PowerShell - Presented by Thomas Lee

Thomas Lee, PowerShell MVP, examines how you format output using PowerShell. The 250-level talk first looks at default formatting and using Format-Table and Format-List (and Format-Wide). The talk then looks at .NET Composite formatting strings and PowerShell's -F operator that enable you to format individual values into output strings. We then look at using hash tables with Format-Table and Format-List to provide more control. The talk finishes with a look at additional output mechanisms, including out-gridview.

About the Author

Thomas Lee is a veteran PowerShell MVP who has been involved in the PowerShell community since the very beginning. He provides training and consultancy around a range of Microsoft products, with a recent focus on PowerShell and Lync Server. Thomas runs PowerShell training courses around the world, and has been a speaker at conferences across the world for the past decade. In his spare time, he lives with his wife, daughter, and wine cellar in a small cottage in the English countryside. Read Thomas’ technical blog, at Under The Stairs, and his PowerShell Scripts blog.