Get the most from PowerShell and WMI

Join PowerShell MVP, Richard Siddaway for the next PowerHour webcast on September 7, 2011.

WMI – love it or loathe it – the fact is that it is often the only way to get things done. Microsoft continue to expand the scope of WMI so it looks like it’s going to be with us for a long time.  In this session I am going to cover some of the areas that cause problems:

1.    The WMI cmdlets and how best to use them
2.    WQL and filtering
3.    Using WMI methods
4.    WMI authentication and “Access Denied” messages

WMI is an underused technology because it has been difficult to use. This session will show how PowerShell makes it much easier and that in many cases WMI is the only way to get the job done. 

About Richard: I have been working with Microsoft technologies for over 22 years having spent time in most IT roles. Based in UK I am currently working as an IT Architect. I have been interested in automation techniques (including automating job creation and submission on mainframes many years ago!). I have been using VBScript and WMI since it became available on NT 4. PowerShell caught my interest when I first heard about it and I have been using it since the early beta versions of PowerShell 1.0. I founded and still run the UK PowerShell User Group. I am a PowerShell MVP and have been a judge on the Microsoft Scripting Games for the last two years (contributing an expert commentary solution for the last three years) . I have given numerous talks on PowerShell at various events including the PowerShell Deep Dive and have had a number of articles on PowerShell published. PowerShell in Practice (Manning) was published in June 2010 and I am currently writing PowerShell and WMI (Manning). I am still a prolific PowerShell blogger.

Richard has authored these books:  PowerShell in Practice, PowerShell and WMI

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