Need help with formatting a file on a user's Windows PC to create a new file with 3 columns from a pipe delimited csv file

It has been a long time (years) since I have done any scripting like this.  For integration scripting for the applications we build, developers seem to be using PowerShell these days.  So I'm thinking that may be a good solution.  I need a script on a user's Windows PC to create a new file with 3 columns from a pipe delimited csv file (1) header for the 3 columns is Employee, Parent, Alias: Default (2) Ignore first record of the source file (3) First column is first column of source file with prefix of E (4) Second column is the first character of column 2 of the source file (5)  Third column is the second column of the source field followed by comma then space then column 3 of source then space then left parenthesis then column 1 of source then right parenthesis.  Many thanks!

  • This does not sound like a question, but and ask to writ s this for you.
    Which often happens on forums like this, but can I ask you to show what you have done so far, or are you just starting to do this?
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    I am just starting to do this. I guess I am asking firstly what tool would be good to use for this file manipulation?
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    I ended up using vbscript and bat it works perfectly.
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    Understood. Yes, you can use PoSH to do this directly, but I wanted to see what you had already, that we could just tweak vs doing this from ground up to save time,
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    Good to know you found an approach to work for you.

    Yeppers good ol' VBS is still there, but there is rally nothing VBS can do that PoSH cannot, and there are many things PoSH can do the VBS cannot.

    Yet, this is all about choice, and mission as well as where your time is more prudent in spending it.

    It should take you a short effort to convert the VBS to PosH.