receive an input and then run a command on it.

Good Afternoon 

Im trying to write a script that will receive an input that i give it and then run a command using the input that was given 

i have the below but it is currently not working 

$pcname=Read-Host -Prompt 'What is the name of the machine that is having issues with bbgrouter' (this will ask for the name of the PC that is having the issue)

ForEach ($i in $pcname) (i thought the Foreach command will use the input i gave it and then run the commands in the bracket)
Enter-PSSession $i  (i want to be able to remote into the machine so that it can run the below commands)
Stop-Process -Name BBGRouter,excel.exe -f (will stop the process on the remote machine)
Start-Sleep -s 3 
Start-Service -Name bbgrouter (then it will start only one of the services)

Any help will be greatly appreciated Thank you