Fetch Users using C#


I am executing the below command, i want to fetch the list of licenses using c#

Get-csonlineuser -Identity user@user.com |select-object *policy



  • So what is your question?

  • want to fetch the policies fro PSObject to dropdown

  • You are still no closer to a question here that we could honestly help with... Detail? Context? Existing code? Error? Any of that information would be very helpful for us to help you...

  • Are you implying that your C# program is calling PowerShell code to retrieve the policy information and you are trying to figure out how to consume the output in your C# program?

    If that is the case you would be better off just having C# use the Microsoft.Rtc.Management.ADConnect.Schema.ADOCOnlineUser class directly. That is the class of object returned by Get-CsOnlineUser.