January 2016 SQLChat - "Creating a Disaster Recovery Plan"

Our January Twitter Chat took place Wednesday, January 11th at 11 AM CT with Rie Irish (@IrishSQL). Rie hosted a discussion on how to create your own disaster recovery plan.

Having a plan to recover your business when disaster strikes is very important. This #SQLChat can help you learn how to build this plan by defining what a disaster could be, documenting the business impact, and identifying your limitations.

This month’s giveaway prize was a Magic Bullet NutriBullet Nutrition Extraction 8-Piece Mixer/Blender valued at $79.99! 

Please use this forum to ask any questions or continue the conversation now that the Twitter Chat has ended. Happy chatting! 

  • Q1: Who are your Disaster Recovery stakeholders? How do you know? #SQLChat
    Q2: How much data is your business willing to lose (RPO)? How do you know? #SQLChat
    Q3: How do you define a disaster? How do you know when to declare a disaster vs A DISASTER? #SQLChat
    Q4: What information do you include in your DR strategy documents? #SQLChat
    -- follow up question Where do you keep your DR strategy documentation?
    Q5: Do you test your Disaster Recovery Plan & if so, how? #SQLChat
    Q6: What's the difference between a backup strategy and a disaster recovery strategy? #SQLChat
    Q7: What do you backup/maintain besides your databases? #SQLChat