Notification On Reboot/shutdown

Is there a built-in monitor to send a notification upon a system (Windows and/or Linux) shutdown or reboot?


It seems like a task the remote agent should be able to do.

  • Hi Warren,


    Many of our clients leverage the Windows Uptime plugin monitor to alert whether a Windows system has been rebooted:


    On Linux the same could be accomplished with a custom script that calls the `uptime` command.  The plugin to use to call a remote custom script is Custom Remote:




  • OK, but here’s a basic question; how does one install the plugin manager in the Up.Time monitoring station?  It seems like something I should be able to do from within Up.Time.

  • Wait, cancel that, I found the installer.

  • I’m using v7.3 of Up.Time and it appears that the Plugin Manager has been replaced by the Extension Manager.

  • That is correct. The Plugin Manager is for up.time 7.2 and earlier. Let us know if you have any trouble using the Extension Manager.



  • I was hoping for a simple comparison test.


    The script outputs the servers’ uptime in seconds.  If the value is less than a certain value, say 300 or 600, to send a notification and greater than a certain value (30 days) to also send a notification.


    A regex expression to do this would be cumbersome.  A workaround, I suppose, is to modify the script with an if statement to output some text value for the less than and a different text value for the greater than.

  • Yes; modifying the agent side script would be the best way to have it return a “recently restarted” / “not recently restarted” response.  You would need to use the Custom Remote plugin for both Linux and Windows in that case since the Windows Uptime plugin expects a numerical response.