Is there a problem with the memory counting?

Hi, just tried this tool on my test server. It looks promising, but I think there might be a slight problem with showing the usage of memory. Let me give you an example: Total Allocated for all Memory Optimized Objects is 958.007,00 MB and that is actually quite an achievement because the windows server have 6 GB memory in total. Maybe the number should have been shown in KB?
Best regards

  • Hi, Richard.

    What this tool is reporting is the amount of memory required to handle the memory-optimized database and all it’s tables and indexes. It has nothing to do with the amount of memory the physical machine has.

    In the MSDN documentation,, the total in-memory size of all durable tables in a database should not exceed 250 GB. I couldn’t tell from your number (958.007,00 MB) if this was actually 968 GB? It’s possible that you also have configured/upgraded a very large databases to be memory optimized and the result is showing them that they have exceeded the threshold requirements of a memory-optimized database.