Panel of folders in the right hand side

Hi, I downloaded the SQL scripts version 6 following an email I received this morning. I would like to know how I can ad a folder as thos folders that shows by default in left right down corner as you can notice in the snapshot I need to create a new folder called SQL Server scipts version 6, when I click on it I get all scripts displayed in the above panel like all other folders thanks in advance

  • You can create a new QuickClick library using these steps:

        Add -> New Solution Set (right-click bottom pane of QuickClick Library tool windows

        Construct a Folder structure ( that matches the v6 scripts directory structure (right-click top pane and select Add-Folder).

        Add scripts (right-click top pane and select Add -> Script from File

    These will add "linked scripts". If you want the scripts embedded into the XML QuickClick library for portability, you will need to embed the scripts (right-click each script and select Embed in Library).