Console width

Hey - I cannot set the width of the console within powershell plus...

If i change the value, it always resets to something low (depending on the font size), typically between 80 - 110. If i change the default windows posh console properties - they are not used here, and if i change them from within Powershell plus - it reverts immediately after i commit.

Any ideas?


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  • #1 : PowerShell Console width is controlled by the PowerShell Properties native to PowerShell. PSP launches this dialog within the context of PowerShellPlus and the settings are stored per PowerShellPlus.exe (application) in the registry by Windows PowerShell and only apply to PSP. These settings are reached via the PSP Options screen, Console, Set console properties. Then select Layout tab and change Window Size Width (make sure to uncheck Screen Buffer Size “Wrap text output on resize”).

    #2 : Console sizing is dependent on the size of the Windows container that houses the console within the PSP IDE. This has several forms (Console in tab, bottom facing console or detached console when editing scripts). For maximum width visibility close any other IDE containers (see View->Layout to control what is shown). You can always ensure that the buffer is resized by selecting Buffer Resize in the Home -> Console option.

    #3 : When issuing PowerShell console commands, you need to take control of console width output by issuing the proper options in the cmdlet syntax. For example:

    dir | Format-Table -Autosize

    forces output to use the full console width setting, otherwise PowerShell will default to the standard width output settings.

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