Bulk Diagram Check-In-Out macro

We have a current macro that does a bulk check out or check in for our diagrams.  For some reason, the bulk check out isn't working after our upgrade from version 6.7 to 17.  This is the section that fails with an error message saying 'user does not have permission to perform operation GET_LATEST_DATA_DICTIONARY. The error returned by the Control System is: USER_NOT_LOGGED_IN.'  The user is logged in

'Get Repository Diagram
Private Function pGetDiagram (ByVal strDiagramName As String) As Boolean
    Debug.Print pstrClassName & "pGetDiagram Start"
    Dim intReturn As Integer

    pGetDiagram = False

 intReturn = DiagramManager.RepoGetDiagram(strDiagramName)

    If intReturn = 1 Then
        pGetDiagram = True
     pstrMessage = DiagramManager.GetLastErrorString()
        Debug.Print pstrClassName & pstrMessage
    End If

    Debug.Print pstrClassName & "pGetDiagram is " & pGetDiagram
End Function

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