How to add text block to a submodel

I'm trying to figure out how to add data to a submodel diagram programmatically.

By 'data' I mean ancillary information solely for the benefit of people looking at the diagram. 

The most obvious way would seem to be to add a Text Block but I can't figure out how (programmatically) and this thread makes me think it's not possible.

But I don't really care (within reason) what it takes to get something to appear.  Ideally, I'd like to put a small bit of text (10 char max) near every entity/table on the diagram.

Is such a thing possible??
If so, how


  • You can add the "Notes" shape by using the following:

    model.Shapes.AddWithPosition("Shape Name", "The Text", 7, HorizontalPos, VertialPos) '7 Is for notes

    If you want this close to an Entity then you'll have to get the EntityDisplay.HorizontalPosition and EntityDisplay.VerticalPosition and then base the shape position on this.


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