Models missing from Team Server Model Explorer

We just upgraded to the new version of Team Server 2017.  Our Project folders are being displayed in the Model Explorer but none of the models are available.  According to all the documentation the synchronization process is automatic between the repository and the reporting (portal) database but I am not sure that is occurring.  I tried to find a way to force synchronization but without success.  I am in the Admin account so permissions should not be a problem.  Has anyone else seen this problem?   

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  • Hi,

    I'm not sure what steps you've taken or what version you've upgraded from but when you upgrade you still need to run through the publication.   So I would suggest that you take one model that you want to publish and go to the Admin side, ER/Studio Publication page and publish one model.  This initial model will take a while as it sets things up but after that the next time you publish models it should go quicker.

    The automatic publication happens after you've published the model once.  Then the next time you check in any changes to the repository this all gets pushed out to Team Server automatically.