Upgrade Repository

We recently upgraded ER Studio Data Architect from Version 9.5.1 to Version 16.5.0.

I am in the process of upgrading diagram ( >>Repository > Administration > Diagram Data Version Upgrade....) , the upgrade will go smoothly until it reach a particular diagram and it will sit there for a long time thinking that its still upgrading, then it will kill the "Idera Repository Communication Server" service. I have to restart the Service again to continue with the upgrade.

I then have to manually check OUT the problem diagram to upgrade it and check IN it again. 

I have to keep doing this every time it stop to another problem diagram.

Is there another way to upgrade the diagram, this process is just taking to much time.  


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  • Hi,

    You might want to try going to the Windows services, right click on all of the Idera Repository services, go to the Recovery tab and change the "Take no action" to "Restart the Service" and then see if that helps. This should restart the service if it encounters any errors and hopefully keep the upgrade going.

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