Can extended properties be reverse engineered into a model

This forum post indicates there is no native support for extended properties.  My specific interest is in SQL Server extended properties.

Despite the post's age I see no indication this has changed (beyond MS_Description support).  That same post says that a macro exists (pjs Retrieve Definitions From Extended Properties MSSQLServer) that adds such functionality.  Unfortunately the macro link is dead.

Does anyone know of a working link - or does someone have the code that they could post here?

Another path to an answer is if someone has a working example of issuing a query from an ER/Studio macro.  I have many dozens of databases and manually exporting property data from each one and then manually importing it to the correct model is really an unacceptable solution but the aforementioned macro description says it uses ODBC to pull the data directly from a source database.  I'm sure I could re-implement the support but I can't see a mechanism for issuing a command and processing results via ODBC from the macro language.

  • A colleague suggested checking WayBackMachine internet archives, and I was able to locate the page and the macro that you want!]


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