Team Server Data Source Groups

Anybody using Data Source Groups? 

We just installed Team Server 17, and I've created a Data Source Group called Development, but I don't see how the Data Source Group can be associated with a new Data Source.  So what is the purpose of Data Source Groups if they aren't used to categorize Data Sources?  The documentation is very vague, just tells you how to create one but not how it can be leveraged, or its purpose.

My thought was to be able to group Data Sources into Development, QA, Staging, and Production groups, since the names would be the same for a given data source in each of those groups.  I was hoping NOT to have to precede the Data Source Name with 'DEV', 'PROD', etc since that would render the alphabetical  links useless.  But if Data Source Groups aren't useful, I'll have to go that route.