How does one manipulate relationships once their entities are part of a BDO

I can't seem to reach the right-click menu on table relationship lines after I've added their tables to a Business Data Object.

Specifically, if I right click on a relationship line outside of a BDO I get a relationship specific context menu.

When the line is inside a BDO the line looses focus on right click and the BDO specific menu appears instead.

This problem doesn't seem to affect table entities in the BDO so the problem doesn't affect everything but it certainly affects relationship lines.

Is there any way to get around this?  That is, is there any other way to get to that menu or at least the items that appear on it.

  • Another workaround you can use without moving the relationship is to select it in the view, then find the selected relationship in the tree (for example, under the Relationships folder). You can then right-click the relationship from the tree.

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