Create a report for SQL Server status: Unable to connect

I'm wondering if there isany way to report on this status.  I tried to create a custom report but it doesn't appear in the choices. 

We'd like to be able to run a report for our network engineers of Instance/Times to see if we can find a root cause.  We have 60 instances so manually assembling the data for the past 6 months is daunting.


  • Cory,

    There are a few options that I think might work for you, depending on what your needs are.

    Use the Alerts pane.

    1. Alerts pane
      The alerts pane allows you to list all the alerts that have been raised by SQL Diagnostic Manager. By default, it is set to display Active alerts. However, you can modify the filters to show alerts in the past using the Show all alerts for the time span filter. You can also narrow down the list of metrics to view using the Metric filter. Once you have your filters set appropriately, you can then export the results that are displayed in the grid below to an Excel spreadsheet. 

      NOTE: You can modify what columns are to be displayed in the results grid. This can provide additional details that might be helpful.

    2. Custom SSRS Report
      Just about all of the reports within SQLDM can be deployed to SQL Server Reporting Services. In some cases, I've seen some users customize the default reports by deploying them to SSRS and then modifying the SSRS reports.

    3. Custom Report
      The Custom Report option in the SQL Diagnostic Manager Desktop Client typically allows you to report on some basic Windows and SQL Server counters. Some of the data that SQL Diagnostic Manager collects and alerts on are not going to be available here. For the SQL Server Status, you aren't going to be able to find that as an option to select from. You could potentially create your own custom counter that mimics the SQL Server Status metric in SQL DM. Once you create that custom counter, you can then create a custom report based on that custom counter.

    I hope that helps!