Enterprise Data Dictionary attachments not showing up on the Managed Attributes page

I am trying to configure managed attributes in Team Server, but the attachments I have added to enterprise data dictionary do not show up on the Admin -> Manage Attachment Attributes page. I have included a screen shot of the EDD, so you can see that the attachments are present and a screenshot of the Manage Attachment Attributes page to show that they do no show up as available.


  • I'm looking at this and the other post you had and it seems like in Data Architect you have this:

    What you have Attachments, and under there you have two folders, Column Mapping and User Interface Location.  These are just folders which do not contain any attachments.  What you need to do is right click on "Column Mapping" or "User Interface Location" and then choose New Attachment.  So you'll end up creating something like this:


    Once you've done this and the model has synched, then you will see "Column Mapping 1", "Column Mapping 2", "UI 1", and "UI 2" there under managed attributes in Team Server.


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    I did figure that part out, but it is still not working. I renamed my two Attachment Types to Attribute Property and Entity Property and add a User Interface Location Attachment to the Attribute Property Attachment Type. In addition, I added a Term Property Attachment and also added a User Interface Location Attachment to it as shown below:



    When synching with Team Server, the only thing that happened is that the rename of the original Attachment Types is reflected, but the addition of the attachment and the addition of the Term Property attachment type do not show up.



    I find it hard to believe that it is this difficult to get all of this synched up. And, yes, I have updated the solution repository and updated the search index.




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    Looks like there's something wrong with the sync. Have you opened a support case for this? Can you send the logs?
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    I opened up a support case for this several days ago, but they have not been able to figure anything out, yet. I did send the log files to them yesterday for a second time. Hopefully they will be able to figure something out.