Can't access View Fields linked to a column

In ER/Studio Data Architect, I want to be able to trace a path from LDM attribute to PDM column to PDM View Field in a macro. I can trace the reverse path from the ViewField object, using the ParentName and ParentColumnName properties to access the PDM column; however, I can't see any link in the other direction. I've looked at Where Used in reports, and checked the object model, and can't find any metadata on a column or attribute that links to View Fields. Am I missing something, or do I have to search every ViewField in Model.Views.ViewFields for matching table and column names?

  • Unfortunately it isn't possible to go from the column to a View. You'll have to search the ViewFields for the Table then go to the Column. So you're not missing anything.
  • In reply to Stanley Chan:

    Thanks, Stanley, that's the answer I expected, though I have to say that I'm disappointed. There are several holes like this when it comes to accessing the metadata in a DM1 file. I should be able to trace the link from Column to View Field from both directions, without writing numerous subroutines doing the equivalent of full table scans.