Macro: Export/Import Object Definitions, notes and Data Security Information

These macros were requested from a customer.  It extends on the Export/Import Object Definitions and notes macro and adds Data Security Information as well.  They wanted a macro which would export these details to excel, be able to fill in what they want and then import it back into Data Architect.  The attached zip file will have both macros.  The format of first 3-4 columns in Excel is the exact same as the Export/Import Object Definitions and Notes macro packaged with ER/Studio.  The last few columns are all Data Security Information.  Both of these macros only work with the local data dictionary but can be modified to use Enterprise Data Dictionaries.

For the Export, it will export the Data Security Information in the same order you see them in the Data Dictionary. 

For the Import, the Data Security Information columns don't have to be in any particular order just as long as the column headers match exactly and the row details match the values exactly.  This will also bind the Data Security Information to the objects if it's not already bound.

0825.ImportExport Object Def Notes and