ER/Studio Named Release Management

Our enterprise metadata repository pulls data from the ER/Studio repository. Currently this feed only includes diagrams which have a Named Release and the latest named release is what is current. This Named Release requirement is good because it gives us a point in time where we can our model is "done" and is deemed ready to be sent to the enterprise metadata repository. The downsides of having this Named Release requirements are:

  1. Named Releases accumulate over time and seem to slow down the process of working with the repository
  2. Setting Named Releases has to be done on a model which is checked in and open in ER/Studio. To do several at a time is a very time consuming process.
  3. Deleting Named Releases has to be done one at a time and the Named Releases are listed without any reference to the Diagram they're related to.

I have a couple questions/comments:

  1. How does your organization handle Named Release management? Have you overcome the difficulties of using ER/Studio's process of setting and deleting named releases?
  2. I think adding the following enhancements would greatly improve Named Release management.
    • The ability to select one or several diagrams in the ER/Studio repository and set Named Releases for those selected. As part of this, it would also be helpful to see the date the last Named Release was set and the date the diagram was updated to be able to identify which diagrams have been modified since their last Named Release.
    • The ability to select one or several Named Releases in ER/Studio repository and delete those selected. As part of this, it would be helpful to be able to see the Diagram Name in which the Named Release is related to and also the date on which the Named Release was created.