How can I record a Data Lineage XML source?

We need to document Data Lineage for XML documents that provide data for our database. XE4 and XE7 don't recognise XSD as a type of Data Source. Wer've considered parsing the XPATH for each element to create tables and columns in a data source, but that might not be straightforward, as XML elements (e.g. ADDRESS\POSTCODE) might appear several times in a document.

Has anyone cracked this?

  • In order for us to add a source or target in a data lineage flow it has to be a table or a view. About the only way you could do this would be to reverse engineer the XML file into an actual model (dm1 file) with tables and then add that model into the data lineage in “Other Sources” but that may not be a good option given the nature and structure of the file. It may be necessary to perform a transformation on the XML file but this would be something you would need to investigate with the goal of being able to reverse engineer the XML file into a dm1 file with tables.
  • In reply to Gary S4243:

    In the end, we discovered that we can allow long table names in a PDM, so we've parsed each XPATH to create tables and columns. For example, "\My New Standard XL\Customer\Correspondence\ADDRESS\PostCode" would be stored as a column called PostCode in a table called "\My New Standard XL\Customer\Correspondence\ADDRESS". It's not ideal by a long way, but it'll do for now.
    I wonder if Idera are planning to support hierarchical models directly?