Alter Script - Best Practice

Is there a way to change or customize the “Database Alter Script File” output?

The simplistic output I am getting is this:

  • Rename table xyz to xyz_44f705ff
  • Create new table xyz
  • Insert into xyz select from xyz_44f705ff

This sequence works but is not a best practice in most IT shops because the xyz table is locked during the insert. (could be a long time if the data volume is large)

Best practice creates a new table, inserts data to it, then renames the tables.

  • Create table xyz_44f705ff
  • Insert into xyz_44f705ff select from xyz
  • Rename table xyz to xyz_old
  • Rename table xyz_44f705ff to xyz

If the current ER Studio design does not support customizing the alter DDL in this way, please consider this best practice modification for a future release.