ER Studio Data Architect: Columnstore Index


I created a columnstore index on my MS SQL Server 2016 table and I would like to now merge it into my ER Studio Data model. 
But apparently it does not show any changes when using the compare/merge wizard.

Does ER Studio Data Architect support Columnstore Indexes? If so, which settings does it require in order to merge them from the database into my model?
Or how would i create one in the datamodel itself?

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any documentation about it by now!

Thanks in advance!


  • Hello, Carina, thanks for your inquiry. We just added SQL Server 2016 support with ER/Studio Data Architect 16.5 that came out last week, but unfortunately, we do not have specific support for the Columnstore Indexes. This may be considered as a future ***.
  • In reply to Joy Ruff:

    Thanks for the quick response!
    I hope that in some future version they will be supported, since imho Columnstore Indexes are relevant for any DWH project! :)