Data Dictionary for Meta-model?

Hi folks,

Does anyone know if there is a data dictionary available for the ERS meta-model? Im trying to better understand how the model works and some definitions would be really helpful.


  • Take a look at the 'automation' help file, which you can download from if you haven't got the tool installed. One key point to note is that Tables=Entities and Columns=Attributes in the metamodel. The definitions often leave something to be desired :(
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    Thanks for responding so quickly, George. If you're referring to the CHM file, I think that refers to the methods and properties used within Winwrap Basic. I should have stated my question better - sorry about that. What I'm looking for is a data dictionary for the actual repository database that supports the application. There are a number of columns that I am guessing on, regarding their meaning. So I'm not sure if my SQL queries are accurate.

  • Hi,

    Here is a link to a model that ER/Studio used to be shipped with.  It's for version 6.5 but most of the details are the same. 


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    Thanks Stan. I really appreciate the help you folks have given! I did a quick export of the metadata I'm looking for - nothing in the way of definitions, though. Just a few here and there.