Configuring for email notifications in Team Server.

We have just recently upgraded from Team Server 2016 to version 17.0. As part of this move, we are now trying to configure the email notifications within Team Server. On the Configurator, I have tried to specify the email address, server and port. I am not using TLS nor do I require authentication, so I leave these blank. When I click the Test button, I get a success message. I then click Next and go to the Configuration Execution page. Clicking the Start button on this page does nothing. If I go back to the Notification page, all of the parameters I had entered previously are blank.


How can I get this email notification functionality set up. I have opened a ticket with support, but after several days have heard nothing from them regarding this.




  • If you're on 17 then it should have taken. It looks like there might just be a display bug on the Configurator. Once you hit next, then the email notifications should all be setup. One way to check is if you go to the Team Server install folder, there is a file. If you open this up you can see some of the SMTP details like SMTP_Host and SMTP_Email. If those are filled out then it should work.

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    Thanks for the reply. I did check the file and it turns out the parameters I configured ARE in the properties file. So, apparently, the Configurator just doesn't display the SMTP parameters already configured in the properties file. That having been said, it still looks like the notifications is not working. I have configured my ID to receive notifications when someone posts to my stream. When I posted to my stream from a different ID, I did not receive any email notification. Nor have I received any notifications when any of the other notification events has happened.

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    So I have to ask this question to make sure but have you set the recipient email for each Person?