Addressing License DLL Issues

Idera has recently updated the license library for all the products due to which our customers are getting a license prompt upon launching the console. In order to resolve this issue, please follow the steps listed below for Diagnostic Manager.  For other products, see the forum for those products or contact Tech Support.

For detailed instructions use this link.

1) Download the copy of License4Net.dll version that corresponds to your version of Windows from the below link.

64 bit: 
32 bit: 

2. Log on to the server running the Idera software and navigate to the installation directory. 
3. Rename the existing copy of License4Net.dll to License4Net.dll.old. 
4. Copy the downloaded License4Net.dll into the installation directory next to the file that was just renamed. 
(Program Files\Idera\Idera SQL diagnostic manager and \Program Files\Idera\Dashboard\CoreService & :\Program Files\Idera\Dashboard\CoreService\ProductPlugins\AddIns\SQLdm-10.x.x.x, if you are using Web Dashboard) 
5. Restart the following SQLDM & Dashboard Services and also your SQLDM Desktop Client Console. 
SQLdm Collection Service (Default) 
SQLdm Management Service (Default) 
SQLdm Predictive Analytics Service (Default) 
SQLdm Rest Service (Default) 
SQLdm Mobile & Newsfeed Service (if installed) 
Idera Dashboard Core Service 
Idera Dashboard Web Application Service 
6. Start the Idera tool and apply the license key. 
Note: If you have SQLDM Desktop Client installed on your remote workstations, then you will need to follow the same steps on your workstations too.

  • We are using SQLsafe backup freeware on some legacy servers that stopped working as of 11/6/2017. These systems are required to be in service due to compliance purposes for another 18 months, but will be decomissed shortly thereafter. We see that there was a new License4Net.dll provided for the paid version, we need one for the freeware version. Are you willing to provide?
  • In reply to Myraleckey:

    Not sure. You should post this question in the Safe Backup forum so the right people will see it.
  • In reply to Myraleckey:

    The license DLL post related to SQL Safe Backup can be located at

    To answer your question, the DLL file might work for your version of SQL Safe. I'd recommend making a backup copy of the DLL file prior to replacing it with the new DLL file.

    If the updated DLL file does not work for your version of SQL Safe, I would encourage that you possibly look at paid version of SQL Safe Backup.