Part 3: Newly Added Analysis Services

This is the continuation of Part 2: Details of All Azure Monitored Services. This is the third blog post in a series of 5 that will give you an overview of how to configure the UCM Azure monitoring, alerting and viewing of monitoring data. Refer also to Part 4: Newly Added Network Services of this series of blog posts

The 11 services newly added services can be categorized into three main categories:

  1. Analysis Services
  2. Network Services (covered in part 4 of the series)
  3. Web Services (covered in part 5 of the series)

 Below are the details of the recently added services.

 I. Analysis Services

Monitor the performance and health of your analysis services servers in UCM to get in-depth diagnostics, track performance, and identify trends across multiple servers. For example, monitor memory and CPU usage, number of client connections, and query resource consumption.

Once you have added the Azure account, all the analysis services servers will start showing up in the Analysis Services Dashboard.

Figure 13: Analysis Service Servers dashboard page

Upon navigating to Analysis Service Dashboard, you will see one dashboard for each of the running servers. You can browse through all the dashboards using the next and the previous buttons.

Click on the “Details” button to get details of as many as 43 metrics. With all the detailed information, you will always be informed about the current scenario of your servers. You can configure alerts on any metrics of your choice.

You can see following metrics in the dashboard:

  • Busy and Idle Query Pool threads
  • Busy and Idle Command Pool threads
  • Busy and Idle Processing Pool threads
  • Query Processing Units
  • Memory Consumption
  • Active and Failed Connections

Figure 14: Analysis Service Servers dashboard

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Refer also to Part 4: Newly Added Network Services of this series of blog posts.

Stay tuned to see more features and more monitoring support getting added to Uptime Cloud Monitor in the near future.

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